Thanksgiving dating

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Football games have been played at Thanksgiving since the late-1800s.

The Detroit Lions have hosted a Thanksgiving Day game almost every year since 1934, with the exception of World War II.

Around 46 million turkeys are eaten at Thanksgiving, which is about twice as much turkey as is eaten at Christmas.

Over 730 million pounds of turkey are consumed annually and around 250 million turkeys are raised in the USA in any given year.

In 1789, George Washington proclaimed November 26 to be the first official Thanksgiving holiday.

1863 was arguably the most important year of the Civil War.

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For an even gender balance they better head to Maine. Maryland and Nebraska may be where the chances are greatest to meet the most people.

Those states are tied in a ranking of the states with the largest pools of dating app users (13 percent). city look across the country to pinpoint where the app dating struggle may be real. S., the majority of dating app users are men (63 percent) compared to women (37 percent).

The states where the balance of dating app use between men and women is most even are Maine, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Iowa.

Many Americans consider Thanksgiving to be the quintessentially American holiday.

It marks the beginning of our “holiday season,” a period that lasts into Christmas and through New Year’s Day.

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