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See more » I wasn't quite 9 years old when "Father Knows Best" made its move to TV, so I didn't get to see any of the first episodes because we didn't get our first TV until a year later.

But I vividly remember watching many episodes over its 10-year run. was written as the almost "perfect" father, and Jane Wyatt as Margaret Anderson was written as the almost "perfect" mother.

Seconds later, a blast of high-energy gamma-rays – the most energetic kind of light – punched through the erupting cloud. The gravitational wave first reached Italy’s freshly finished detector Advanced Virgo before stretching and squeezing the lasers at America’s two LIGO sites.

The space-time ripple and the light crossed the cosmos together, and finally arrived at a.m. Two seconds later, NASA’s gamma-ray detecting Fermi spacecraft caught the blast.

“One state security official personally organised a meeting to alert local residents to potential ‘hostile actions’ by internal rebellious elements,” a source in Jagang Province told Radio Free Asia’s Korean Service.

Whenever the kids need advice on anything at all, they can always turn to their father, because father knows best.

“We were figuring with our full Advanced LIGO sensitivity we might see something like this every few years.” In February 2016, LIGO announced they’d detected gravitational waves for the first time, almost exactly a century after Albert Einstein predicted these events as an outcome of his theory of general relativity.

Astronomers said that initial detection was like hearing the cosmos for the first time.

A shudder — a gravitational wave — was sent out across the fabric of space-time.

And as the stars’ outer layers launched into space, the force formed a vast cloud of subatomic particles that would cool into many Earths’ worth of gold, platinum and uranium.

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