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So if they did that out here, most people would only have 1 bag, but the amounts would vary.

So you are probably right Phrozen, most of the people busted were only spending or . If anyone is buying weight, it's not on the street.

One guy got caught with 12 bags of dope, and another guy got caught with 25 bags of crack. Arrest records and court proceedings are all public.

Haven't you ever read a newspaper or watched the news?

They talk about people arrested and convicted all the time.

I have seen them do this other places with johns that get caught with hookers.

I'm guessing they had undercover cops pose as drug dealers.

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At a press conference at Scotland Yard today, Jim Gamble, assistant chief constable of the National Crime Squad, said he was not surprised at the number of police officers among the suspects."As police officers, we should expect to be held accountable," he said."Fifty police officers have been identified and we are not hiding that fact.

I bet this will be a deterrent to at least some suburban people that have families and jobs.

Now that everybody might find out that Bob is smoking crack or shooting heroin when wifey is out of town, Bob might think twice about buying some dope. Are drug users just slackers or do you think all of those people lied to the cops so their job or business wasn't published? Based on how much they were buying, it's safe to assume that they busted mostly hardcore addicts.

We want you to know about that to reassure you."Police officers are member of the communities that they serve and there will be good people and bad people in the police."Mr Gamble said the 50 officers were among 1,200 Britons who had been identified as "category one or two" suspects - those who posed the greatest potential risk to children.

In addition, 40 children nationwide - 28 of them in London - had been identified as being at risk of being abused and appropriate steps had been taken with other agencies to ensure that all the youngsters were safe.

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