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The downside to an outdoor plug is that it's that much easier for a thief to unplug it, but in that event you'll receive an alert and an image of the last thing the camera saw—presumably the face of the perp.

No outdoor camera is immune from tampering, and the convenience of not busting out the drill seems worth the trade-off.

Each receiver in the array is individually controlled by a computer program.

In fractions of a second, the light receivers can be manipulated to create an image of an object on the far right side of the view or on the far left or anywhere in between.

The camera itself is white, to prevent overheating.

Even the internals have changed to make better use of its exterior position.

The big difference is, of course, you can use Nest Cam Outdoor outdoors.The resulting image looks like a checkerboard with illuminated squares, but this basic low-resolution image is just first step, Hajimiri said.The device's ability to manipulate incoming light waves is so precise and fast that, theoretically, it could capture hundreds of different kinds of images in any kind of light, including infrared, in a matter of seconds, he said.A tiny, paper-thin camera that has no lens could turn conventional photography on its head, according to new research.The device, a square that measures just 0.04 inches by 0.05 inches (1 by 1.2 millimeters), has the potential to switch its "aperture" among wide angle, fish eye and zoom instantaneously.

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