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However, there are certain common ancestors, and some of them are old well-attested languages (or language systems), such as Classic Latin for modern Romance languages French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian or Catalan , Classic Sanskrit for some modern Indo-Aryan languages, or Classic Greek for Modern Greek.

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On 1686, German linguist Andreas Jger published De Lingua Vetustissima Europae, where he identified an remote language, possibly spreading from the Caucasus, from which Latin, Greek, Slavic, Scythian (i.e., Persian) and Celtic (or Celto-Germanic) were derived, namely Scytho-Celtic.

How to be a Cypriot Man relies heavily on repetition. an umbrella organisation representing the Cypriot community associations and groups across the UK with largely.

Which might be rather annoying were it not a fairly familiar style why say something once when constant. For everyone that loves Greek Cypriot music Including all the hitsclassics from Greece. Greek - Greek Dating site, Greeks and Greek Cypriots.

The first proposal of the possibility of a common origin for some of these languages came from Dutch linguist and scholar Marcus Zuerius van Boxhorn in 1647.

He discovered the similarities among Indo-European languages, and supposed the existence of a primitive common language which he called Scythian.

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