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I love the build up that lead the two finally being together..it that much better! The series continues with a twist, this time it is the men's turn to have the "won't ever do it again" club and watching them fall is hilarious!Hot cop that has a big case of commitment phobia and a beautiful girl in trouble, watch the sparks fly and in your head you can just hear the song "another one bites the dust" play! Divorced and Desperate 5Can a chance meeting in Room Six bring two people together forever?I LOVE that with this book, it was Cary that was never going to allow himself to love again.Usually it's woman trying to go against falling, but not here; and boy did he fall for Chloe!

I also enjoyed the whole spiritual piece (to each their own on this one, but I do feel it added to the plot). Craig, the connection between the two characters was smoking hot. I read the original series a while ago and loved the kooky fun so when I saw this one I had to grab it up.

Although I like this book series and I like Craig's writing style, but this book was probably my least favorite of the five.

I was not expecting supernatural elements to the story, and it totally ruined it for me.

Christie writes humorous romance novels for Grand Central, as well as the New York Times bestselling Shadow Falls series, under the pen name C. Anytime I want to read a book that is sure to make me laugh out loud, and multiple times, Ms. This book, #4 in the series, did not fail to comply to this premise.

This read is about Detective Cary Stevens and Chloe Sanders.

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