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reported this morning (October 25), an investigation by the Department of Developmental Services of the near death of a developmentally disabled man who aspirated on a piece of cake in his group home concluded that seven employees of the private provider that operated the residence were at fault in the matter.

The scathing report, which is dated September 8, also stated that a high-level employee of the Beverly-based provider, Bass River, Inc., removed key records from the facility concerning the matter and instructed staff not to cooperate with the DDS investigation.

She performed a nebulizer treatment on him and prescribed cough syrup and Mucinex and Robitussin, which are over-the-counter decongestants.

According to the DDS report, the nurse practitioner stated to the staff member that Yianni should be brought back if his condition worsened, but that Yianni was never brought back to the medical center.

The director also acknowledged removing records from the facility.

The DDS investigator was subsequently unable to locate key records relating to Yianni’s care.

A group home staff member did bring Yianni to a nurse practitioner at Cape Ann Medical Center in Gloucester on April 13, four days after he aspirated on the cake.

And the report charged that the house director committed mistreatment in failing to follow up on recommendations of Yianni’s day program staff on April 14 that the staff seek medical attention for him because he appeared to be very ill.

This morning, I sent an email to the House chair and Senate vice chair of the Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities Committee, renewing a call we have made for a hearing into issues surrounding oversight of privatized human services.

We have called for such hearings by the committee in the past, to no avail.

She also acknowledged to the investigator in an initial statement that she had directed staff in the group home not to cooperate with the investigation.

She later changed that statement, according to the report.

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