Dating for foreign women in japan traditional greek dating customs

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Though there are certainly lots of tough or muscular Japanese men, the general trend seems to be toward very slim more than anything.

And that works for a lot of women–Japanese or otherwise!

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Now, you’re probably familiar with the stereotype of Western guys moving to Japan to meet women.

Or, hey, if you’re fine with being used they go for it.

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Dating someone with a different background–whether cultural or otherwise–can be fun, enlightening, and, sometimes, downright frustrating as all hell.But even when it’s frustrating, it can still be interesting, right?Would you rather fight about leaving the toilet seat up or the intricacies of some societal impasse neither party can fully articulate?We’re not sure it’s fair to suggest that some Japanese men aren’t equally considerate, but it is surprising how easy it is to be called a “gentleman” here in Japan simply by not knocking people down to get on the train first.▼”Let me get the doo–uhhh, yeah, you might have to deal with that yourself.” We can’t wondering if some of these women have ever gotten past the first few months of dating a foreign guy, though.

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