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A classic example is the so-called , in which current density is high near the outer surface of a conductor, and low near the center.

This effect occurs with alternating currents at high frequencies.

The byzantine traits of modern day dating leading an entire generation astray and we sit here as mute spectators. Wait, this doesn’t stop here, after meeting a guy you apparently ‘like’ or bumped into in an online dating app only to be ‘ghosted’ or ‘catfished’ later is none too tranquil.

We can parade you with names of some more dating trends such as ‘love bombing’ and ‘stealthing’ that infuse life into the obnoxious predicaments in the aftermath.

Current density can also be expressed in amperes per circular mil.

Electrons, the most common charge carriers, are negatively charged.

They flow from relatively negative points to relatively positive points.

You don’t understand the internet dating lingo, the terminologies, you are outcast but when you start to indulge, run after hedonistic pleasure, you are wrung dry of your sanity.

Well, we have some good news waiting round the corner for you still. So, if you have impeccably high standards and unapologetic about it, here are some easy-peasy tips for smooth sailing into the world of mind games and playing hard to get, ‘Breezing’ stands distinguished with its own merits. While ghosting is abruptly ceasing to communicate with the person you were apparently dating online, catfishing is using fake pictures to hide their true identity, Breezing is stopping to care.

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